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New Season

Now has the season finally started and we go back to regular opening hours and weekends! The season began 15 / 8-2020 There are some exciting changes that have taken place and are taking place. We have changed the booking system to MATCHI and we have received new prices. All this is to make it as smooth for you as a customer as well for the staff. Right now we are replacing the entire ventilation system in the hall. (NOTE: Booking is ONLY via Matchi and all information / prices that are correct is the one available on Matchi Welcome


Information to club members and customers

We would like to inform you that we continue to monitor the development of the Corona virus covid-19 and have a continuous dialogue with both the Public Health Authority and the infection control physician. Of course, we follow the advice and directives of the Public Health Authority.
Once again, we would like to urge you to keep up to date with the state of the Corona virus and to follow the recommendations given below. If you feel ill or have traveled in the most vulnerable areas, we urge you not to visit Fjäderborgen.
Public Health Authority recommendations -

  • Hand hygiene is the "most important" and it is about soap, warm water and washing for at least 20 seconds. Hand spirit can be an "addition" / alternative but the most important thing is soap / water as above.

  • If you cough it should be done in the arm fold.

  • Do not bring hands / hands in and around the face - if sweating or the like, use a towel or similar.